Vendor FAQ & Setup

In order to become a vendor
-Click “My Account” on the header menu
-click sign up as vendor and fill out the form
-Go to settings
-Click “Payment”
-under your bank account name put FTS Wallet
-under bank account number put your FTS Wallet address
-leave all the other fields blank and click update settings

How do I withdraw?
When you want to withdraw; convert the amount you wish to withdraw in FTS into a dollar amount and input the dollar amount in USD you want to withdraw and this amount in FTS will be sent to your wallet
What is the minimum withdraw amount?
Minimum withdraw amount is $2 USD sent to you in FTS Coin
What are the store fees?
The only fee associated with this store is 1.5% transaction fee added to the original sale and any network fees FTS Coin charges for sending your withdraw
Can I accept any other form of payment other than FTS Coin?
No, part of the structure of this store is that only FTS Coin is used by the customers or recieved by the vendors.
I posted a product but I’m not seeing it available in the store, is something wrong?
Nope, all products have to be approved, you are just waiting on the approval process. If you are concerned with how long its taking please feel free to email us at|
What kind of products can I sell?
Any service you can provide remotely. This includes but is not limited to custom graphic art, promotion, document editing, social media management, coding, website hosting, etc.